For sale gallery

As a Rocky Mountain horse breeder, we always strive to have nothing less than perfection in our horses.  A horse is one of the most beautiful animals on this planet, from the way it looks, to its tendencies and movements.  They have been around before us and deserve the respect of such.  The gaited horses that we have here are like no other animal you will ever experience, and we are joyful that we can be the ones to provide you with them.

The gaited mountain horses we have here,  provide a smooth ride like no other horse out there.  The way these mountain horses move is very unique and their 4 beat lateral gait,  makes for a fluid embossed movement.  The Rocky Mountain gaited horses we have are for sale right here in Texas.  They are sold directly from us the breeders, to the people who wish to purchase a mountain horse.  We want you to rest assured that you are getting nothing but complete professionalism and quality from us at Gaited Corners Farm.

We have garnered a reputation of nothing less than the highest of quality horse breeder.  We take our breeding very seriously, and cannot be happy unless we are giving our customers a quality bred,  Rocky Mountain gaited horse.  Just browse through the gallery to see exactly what we have to offer, and have bred in the past.  With any questions you might have, just contact us today to see just how we can help you obtain one of these beautiful mountain horses.